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    Ambassadors are a group of volunteers acting as liaisons for the Pearland Chamber of Commerce to the Pearland area for the purpose of promoting member participation and good will within the Chamber’s framework. For information on one of the most essential Chamber programs, review the guidelines and application, or contact staff liaison. The Pearland Chamber of Commerce performs a criminal background search on all new applicants. Click below to see our full list of Ambassadors.

    Our Ambassadors

    Staff Liaison: Jere Gnader, Jere.Gnader@PearlandChamber.org

    Committee Chair: Darrell Borden, Snap Delivered!

  • Healthcare Committee

    The Healthcare Committee provides resources that includes access to information regarding healthcare options in the fields of policy, advocacy, compliance, and business development creating a healthier community. The committee also distributes Healthy Life, a quarterly newsletter.  Articles in the newsletter are submitted by our members.  The Healthcare committee brings healthcare topics in multiple platforms that educate and engage the general public to make healthier choices; is resource for local businesses looking to improve the health of their employees; provides education for consumers and business owners to be “healthcare insiders” that can make informed decisions when utilizing the healthcare system.  

    The Healthcare Committee meets on the first Friday monthly at 9:00 am.  

    Staff Liaison:

    Leslie Esqueda   -   Leslie.Esqueda@PearlandChamber.org

    Committee Chair:
    Tina LeVert   -   Neighbors Emergency Center


    Shop Pearland Committee

    Shop Pearland works to stimulate spending locally. Team members feel strongly about educating Pearland about the positive impact of spending dollars “in town” instead of neighboring cities. 

    This team typically meets the second Tuesday monthly at 9 am at various member locations.

    Staff Liaison:
    Leslie Esqueda   -   Leslie.Esqueda@PearlandChamber.org

    Committee Chair:
    Byron Carter   -   Matrix Commercial 


  • Governmental Relations

    The Governmental Relations team works to boil down Pearland business issues into a Public Policy so that a synopsis can be presented to our Local, State and Federal lawmakers. Each month the committee hears from elected officials and others that can provide insight into the workings of our local, state and national government.  

    The Governmental Relations Team meets on the second Friday monthly at 9:30 am.

    Staff Liaison: Jim Johnson, Jim.Johnson@PearlandChamber.org

    Committee Chair: Dr. Beth Lewis, University of Houston Clear Lake


    ‚ÄčBusiness Development Committee

    The Chamber is committed to supporting programs that promote a positive business climate in the community that makes Pearland a better place to live and work.  The Business Development committee encourages the spirit of cooperation among government, education, legislators, other non-profits and partners by hosting a round table discussion on areas of responsibility and to foster collaboration.  The Business Development Committee works to establish partnership with other community organizations. Events are planned and coordinated through Business Development. 

    Business Development meetings are held on the third Friday monthly at 10 am.

    Staff Committee Chair: Liaison: Tonni Vale, Tonni.Vale@PearlandChamber.org

    Committee Chair: Qiana James, Friendly Faces Senior Care


    Workforce Development Committee

    The Workforce Development Committee provides a forum where business leaders, education professionals, and community partners collaboratively work together to share information and provide support and solutions for Pearland’s dynamic workforce. The Pearland Chamber of Commerce works to have a continuous flow of qualified employees to businesses in Pearland.  

    Staff Committee Chair Liaison: Tonni Vale, Tonni.Vale@PearlandChamber.org

    Committee Chair: Shavone Keys, Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

    Workforce Development meetings are held on the third Wednesday monthly at  8:30 am

    Click here to go to our Workforce Development page.

  • Transportation

    Transportation focuses on getting around in Pearland.  Learn about transportation issues and scheduled improvements directly from those making the changes. The mission is to maintain active involvement in surface, rail, air, marine and other modes of transportation to enhance regional commerce. 

    Meetings are bi-monthly on the fourth Monday at 2:00 pm.

    Staff Liaison: Jim Johnson, Jim.Johnson@PearlandChamber.org


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